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We hit a YouTube milestone recently, which was a big deal for us! Our video hit 50,000 views and we just couldn't believe it!

It's quite intimidating to start YouTubing... You are constantly watching others be successful and putting yourself out there at the same time.

Mentally, you have to get ready to be judged and criticized. While opening your life up to strangers may seem intimidating, it is often the people closest to you who will judge your YouTube videos. If you have been on the fence about starting your channel, I urge you to simply START and never look back. The faster you start, the quicker you can evolve and learn the ropes of being on YouTube.

We have truly enjoyed sharing our lives on YouTube and when we look back at our videos from 4 months ago, we love seeing how far we've come. I can only imagine how this will feel years down the road...

We are building a community of amazing people and I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have brought to this project!

Up next: more daily vlogs, cook with me vlogs, a morning routine video & much more !!!

Thank you guys so much for watching!!

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