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My First Trimester | Pregnancy Announcement

We are Pregnant !

It sure has been a while.

As much as this moment in our lives has been one of the happiest moments, it has made me so preoccupied with life and everything except writing on my blog!

So here I am writing about my first trimester in all its glory.

First of all, I feel blessed to be able to grow this little human inside my body and by all means am NOT complaining about it. In order for this post to be sincere, there must be the good and the bad of being in your first trimester, so here we go.


The first Prenatal vitamins I bought were the Centrum regulars, which I took for about a week. I was looking for alternatives as I don't really like big box-generic-brand-name products. The I-can't-pronounce-any-ingredients type.

My kind friend and mother of 3 was kind enough to share with me what prenatals she took for all 3 of her babies and I have been taking 3 a day ever since!

My doctors were actually impressed with the ingredients and how easy they were to digest. The most important ingredients being Folic acid and Iron (which is difficult to digest) were both met and the ginger in them made them super easy to digest.

Here's a link to the product:


One of the first side effects of pregnancy for me was the lack of energy. I usually fall asleep after thinking about the entire world, my plans of the week, what to make for dinner for the next 3 days and so on and my sweet other half simply falls asleep in less than 30 seconds. For several days I was finding myself falling asleep before him. I was even shutting off the TV (habit of being the last one awake) while he was wide awake. I was also very tired around 2-3 PM as if I needed a nap like a child ! What really struck me was being tired after doing absolutely nothing all day. Very unusual!


I LOVE EATING. Anyone who knows me knows I eat a lot and very different foods. I pretty much eat the same portions as my fiance and have pretty much always eaten a lot. Enough for people to notice lol.

Long story short, anything I craved while in Mexico (DEC 2019), I despised throughout the rest of my first trimester. Anything from tacos, french toast, alfredo sauce. I would crave food and as my fiance was making it, as soon as I would smell it, it threw me off. It was a complicated time for the both of us.


I was nauseous during the first trimester, but didn't throw up or anything (which I believe makes me pretty lucky).

I will say this though: Do NOT go on any boating expeditions in the Pacific Ocean when pregnant / in your first trimester. 8 foot waves got the best of me and I was sick the entire day, publicly throwing up and all.

Definitely a note to self for the future.


Eating was a challenge in my first trimester. Thank goodness I was craving mostly healthy stuff, but when I was craving kraft dinner, no fruit or vegetable was going to satisfy me. Having my prenatals really made me feel better about craving these terrible foods as I usually eat very healthy. I guess we just do the best we can, but if you're cravings aren't healthy, girl, I feel you !


- Popsicles like 5X a day

- Kraft Dinner

- Gattuso soups

- Fruits

- Smoothies

- Vegan yogurt

- Cheese (Jalapeño, Caprice des dieux)

- Bread

- Alfredo sauce (one night only)

- Fast food (Burgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs)

More bumpdates to come, but here is how I finished my 1st trimester. Still in between looking pregnant or simply chubby. I am embracing every moment of having a belly.


Little Mum Book

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