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Having a baby shower in 2020

It's safe to say 2020 has been a special year. Photo by Your Life My Lens

It has been quite the adventure to be pregnant during this whole pandemic. From going to the hospital alone for 9 months, to not being allowed any visitors during my upcoming labor, and homeschooling my stepson since March, we've managed to get used to the whole "wearing masks" thing in public.

A very special moment I was looking forward to during my pregnancy is my baby shower. I didn't want anything fancy, just a backyard BBQ with people we love, but planning it was quite the roller coaster.

Not only do you usually need at least 1 month to plan a baby shower, but usually you have a friend, or family member plan it for you. WELL miss year 2020 here had our confinement rules changing every week, which made it impossible to plan ahead and the fact that we had to social distance made it very difficult for any friends & family to plan a big event.

The result? We adapted to the challenges 2020 threw at us and those who adapted with us were happy. Those who were not able to adapt or understand the circumstances unfortunately stayed bitter, but hey, who needs people who don't understand and respect yours and everyone else's wishes/safety measures. Who needs people who don't respect you in general? We teach our children respect, we should apply those principles to our adult lives as well. That's a topic for another blog post (LOL).

We split the party into different groups and it worked great for the most part. My grandfather A.K.A very present father figure in my life has just recently gone through a stage 4 cancer, a pancreas operation, and is currently doing chemo at 82 years old (All during a pandemic), which made my priorities quite different to say the least.

After long deliberation with our family and my grandpa personally choosing to stay home, we decided to have a dinner dedicated to him. It was a small simple dinner with his closest friends and my parents only.

We had a backyard BBQ with friends and some family members, which was really a 4th of July party. It was amazing, everyone there was happy, positive, and we could not have asked for a more perfect day! I was so incredibly grateful. I will post a link to our 2020 BABY SHOWER Video below.

What I didn't expect was that our close friends here had already planned a baby shower evening party with the kiddos! So I walked into this:

It was absolutely beautiful. I am so incredibly grateful to have such thoughtful friends. The decorations were simply beautiful, the food was delicious, and we had an amazing evening!

The kiddos played and were so happy! These ladies/supermoms have helped me so much throughout my entire pregnancy. They literally told me all the nitty gritty of birth, breastfeeding, and what products & diapers they used/are using. It has made me more confident and feeling way more ready than I ever imagined.

I am incredibly grateful to have these beautiful ladies as my friends.

Jen, Catherine, & Elissa, Thank you !

Here is our Baby shower 2020 video :)


Little Mum Book XOX

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