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Christmas in November: Surviving the Holidays as a Step Mum

Happy Holidays Y'all !!!

No really, Holidays are meant to be happy. Please don't forget that.

While I've seen many posts about "dreading" the holidays and trying to "survive" them on the internet, I truly believe the Holidays should be H-A-P-P-Y.

That being said, I truly understand the hardships of having a split family, or kids from different parents in one household, and trying to make the best of it.

Yes, your child or children may have two households and two sets of parents.

Yes, your inner self wants Y-O-U-R presents to be the best.

But at the end of the day, you need to look at the important sides. Children are like little hearts on two legs and have endless love to give. OH, and they L-O-V-E presents FYI.

So more households actually means more presents for your child and more family for his little heart to love. There you go. Personally, we've tried different ways to cope with the holidays.

In 2018, we had to share the day of Christmas between two households which resulted in waking up my stepson at 6 AM to drive 2 hours to the second household on Christmas morning. Not fun.

While the "idea" of both families seeing the child on the day of Christmas may seem great, let me tell you.

It wasn't.

There were tears, many tears, and it was so difficult that my fiance and I simply decided to do the most adult thing possible: RUNNING AWAY FROM OUR PROBLEMS. (lol)

2 same-day tickets to Mexico, please.

Cancelled all our holiday plans and off we went to meet our friends in Mexico to try and make ourselves feel better.

Fast forward to 2019 where things are somewhat easier, we decided to split the holiday break in 2.

We booked flights to Mexico for all 3 of us and decided to spend Christmas on the beach.

What about the family at home? Well my theory has always been:

"Christmas is not about the date itself, but more about being with family", so we made our Christmas in November for part of the family.

Their response? AMAZING. My family is more than understanding and were more than excited to do this early Christmas dinner. I feel blessed every day to have such an amazing family.

It ended up being the best Christmas party. Why? Everyone took off work without a problem, everyone had a blast, the stores weren't filled with hangry shoppers, and the Holiday stress was over before December.

I have never enjoyed my December this much without stress.

My point here is, I know the struggle of the Holidays both emotionally and financially, but with the right planning, it CAN work.

Your Holiday season may not be like everyone else's, but by making it your own, maybe adjusting some dates here and there, or simply by organizing some family dinners in November, it can be just as joyful as anyone else's.


Little Mum Book xox

All photos were taken by Your Life, My Lens Photography

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